How to develop your intuition

Intuition, often known as our sixth sense, is something we are all born with.  When we get a hunch or gut feeling about something or someone, that is our intuition giving us messages. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to follow our logical mind & to dismiss these messages as just silly or irrelevant. However, our intuition 
is the most accurate inner guidance we have , as it protects us &  guides us in the direction of our soul. In order to  develop our intuitive skills, we first need to put aside self doubt, so that we can  listen & trust the messages we are given. Stillness & meditation allows us to receive the information & then we need to trust & be open minded about the way the incoming messages are presented to us.

To develop your intuitive skills, try this simple process.

Take some time out just for you in a place you really enjoy, such as  the beach, river, garden, mountains. Notice & appreciate all the things you love about this place & how relaxed you feel. Focus on your breathing & let everything go from your mind, till you feel like this is the only moment in a beautiful daydream. When you're ready, ask for guidance on whatever topic you choose & trust whatever comes to you ..just relax & enjoy the process like a curious observer, rather than trying to make something happen. You may get a feeling, some words, sounds or an image or you may think of a person or location. Feel grateful & happy for any information that you receive, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Be kind & patient with yourself, & avoid self judgement, as there's no right or wrong here. Even if you're not sure what it's about, just accept the message & reflect on it or write it down & see where it leads you. The more often you tune in to your intuition, the stronger it will become & the more you will learn to trust it..... Enjoy!

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