Crystal & gemstone ENERGY guide

 Inspirational crystal energy vegan jewellery handmade in Noosa Australia


About Crystals & Gemstones

The earth provides us with an amazing bounty of stunning gemstones & crystals that each hold their own unique vibration & properties that can benefit us in many ways, including - protection, healing, pain relief, detoxing, energizing, calming, manifesting & spiritual enlightenment.

 Quartz, for example, is commonly used in technology & is a powerful master crystal that amplifies the energy of other crystals, is self-cleansing energetically & can also be used to clear negative energies from other gemstones & crystals.


Earth Jewel Creations uses the terms "crystal & gemstone" interchangeably, as both emit frequencies with beneficial properties that enhance our well-being. The difference between the two is their structural makeup. Examples of gemstones are Agate &  Jasper, whereas Quartz & even Salt are crystals.


How to Cleanse Crystals

Crystals absorb negative energies from within us, from other people & from our environment, so they need to be energetically cleansed at intervals, particularly if you are experiencing a challenging situation or in a toxic

or negative environment.

There are many ways to energetically cleanse & recharge your crystals, but the easiest ways are to either sit them on a Clear Quartz cluster or to leave them in the moonlight, particularly in the powerful energy of a full moon. 

How to choose a crystal

Intuitively we are often attracted to a crystal or gemstone, for its particular vibration that resonates with us & offers the energy support we need. Humans have used & valued crystals since the beginning of time &

the Ancient healers intuitively knew which gemstone to choose. We also have the same ability to tune-in to the crystal energy that is best for us at a particular point

in time. This may shift as we evolve & change.

The important thing is to Trust your may not make logical sense, but it always leads you in the direction that is best for you. It is your soul's way of connecting with you & sending you messages.  

If you wish to choose a crystal or gemstone for a particular purpose for either yourself or a loved one, this brief overview of some of the amazing properties of these crystals may help you to choose the right crystal for your needs. Otherwise, choose intuitively by feel or colour…you will always pick what’s best for you.


What are the Benefits of Energy  Jewellery?

Wear your jewellery as a powerful, high vibrational  support tool to remind you to:-

Love Life, Feel Joy, Give Thanks & Enjoy Your Journey.

Love &  Joy are the highest vibrational feelings we can have, so remember to Love You….you are amazing!





“Harmony & Joy”

Green Agate is a soothing, calming stone that helps to harmonize yin-yang energy. It promotes awareness & release of hidden negative emotional energies that are creating dis-ease & imbalance. It heals the heart & promotes acceptance of self & a sense of joy & wellbeing. It is a powerful cleanser spiritually, emotionally & physically & supports the digestive & lymphatic systems & assists skin disorders.

 Love are an amazing being!




“Amplify & Energize”

The energy of Clear Quartz is a powerful healer & energy amplifier.

It energizes our intentions & desires, & sharpens intuition, focus & connection. It also raises our spiritual vibration, expands our biofield & enhances muscle testing. It also stimulates the immune system & protects against electromagnetic energy.  

Clear Quartz is included in many of these creations.

Tune in to your amazing potential!




“Harmony & Calm”

The energy of white Howlite helps to calm an overactive mind & is great for sleep & meditation. It calms turbulent emotions, promotes patience & absorbs negativity & anger, whether your own or others. It also releases old emotions from the past that still have present day triggers. Howlite can also connect us to the spiritual dimensions, so that we are open to receiving wisdom & past life information. Physically, it relieves insomnia & also aids teeth & bones.

 Stay calm & connected!  




“Balance & Nurturing”

Jasper support & nurtures us in times of stress & balances & aligns us spiritually, mentally & physically. It aligns the chakras, grounds our energies, balances our emotions & promotes clear thinking. It also protects against negative energies & environmental pollution & radiation. Physically it boosts the immune system, supports circulation & helps with mineral imbalances.

Nurture yourself to stay grounded!





Black Onyx is a powerful & protective stone.

It provides deep soul healing & helps to release old emotions & energy blockages. It also protects against environmental pollution & absorbs negative energies.

Use to relieve tension & blockages such as hardened arteries

& arthritis & also to aid digestion.



"Personal Power"

Pyrite promotes assertiveness &  confidence & helps overcome insecurity & low self-esteem. It also boosts vitality & energy levels & balances hormones. This is a great manifesting stone that is associated with abundance & luck.

Be are amazing!!




“Truth & Synergy”

Blue Sodalite combines logic & intuition to promote synergy & harmony. It enhances spiritual perception, trust in self & alleviates fears. It balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure & also blocks electromagnetic emanations from computers. 

Trust & allow…believe in you!




“Calm & Clarity”

Use Turquoise Magnesite to clarify direction in life & to calm turbulent emotions. It promotes clear, calm communication, supports the throat chakra & removes blocks so that your soul can express itself as the real you. It is also a purification stone that absorbs negative energy, promotes healing & relieves insomnia.

Be calm, listen to your soul… & clarity will come!