Jo- the designer of Earth Jewel Creations inspirational handmade australian gemstone jewellery


          Jo's Journey

Jo McAlinden is the creative spirit behind Earth Jewel Creations, which is a unique collection of inspirational gemstone energy jewellery designed to help you to "feel good" & Love Life. It is the expression of Jo’s life journey, as she has finally come full circle, back to her childhood love of crystals & gemstones & also to her passion for designing & creating jewellery. Her crystal creations are the expression of her soul.

Despite many challenges, Jo was determined to follow her passion & live the life of her dreams & her business journey has been a mirror of her ongoing personal growth & has also provided a great learning opportunity to believe in herself & trust her intuition. Jo is also strongly influenced by the Law of Attraction & belief in our own innate ability to create the life we desire through our own thoughts & her creation style reflects this life philosophy. Using inspirational words is a powerful way to create positive, happy feelings & thoughts, which then attract positive experiences. So, based on her life experiences & accumulation of spiritual wisdom, Jo has created her own unique “Magical Mix” of natural crystal energies, affirmation word charms, inspirational symbols & lots of love energy, to create a powerful & synergistic high energy support tool for you to wear every day in the form of inspirational, uplifting energy jewellery. She loves being able to share this “feel good” energy with you, to enhance your wellbeing, promote balance & to encourage you to:-


Live Your Dream !  


As a vegan & passionate supporter of animal well-being, only vegan friendly components are used in the jewellery & part of the proceeds of sales are used to support the amazing animal welfare groups who help the animals on our planet....we need to learn to give these beautiful creatures all the love & compassion they deserve.


Finally, please enjoy these inspirational words that Jo lives by:-


If you have a dream, believe in it & somehow find

the courage to take a leap of faith to make it happen.

 Trust your intuition & trust the universe to take care

of the details & to support you in your quest.

Follow your Passion     Enjoy the Journey

Live the Life you were born to Live.

Create your own Magic! 



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To learn more about helping animals....go to Animals Australia

To learn more about cruelty free eating...go to Veganuary