about Quantum Energy

Did you know that all living beings including humans, animals, plants & the earth itself, have an electro magnetic energy field. Albert Einstein talked of this energy in the 1920’s & today Quantum Physics is a science that demonstrates that fields of energy constantly impact and influence each other. Thoughts

& emotions have also been shown to be powerful frequencies that affects our state of being. Happy thoughts & emotions create wellbeing & constant

negative thoughts can produce dis-ease.

  The Earth also has it’s own natural vibration called

the Schumann Resonance & has been surrounding all living things with these frequencies since life began, to maintain our biological balance & wellbeing. These days the huge amount of man-made Electromagnetic Frequencies(EMF) pollution blocks out the Earth's natural rhythm & prevents this signal from reaching us properly, so we are no longer vibrating in sync with the Earth. This can cause stress, health problems & dis-ease.

So, what can we do to return to our natural state of wellbeing?

Surrounding ourselves & our environment with supportive energy frequencies can protect us

against the stress & negative energies that we all experience on a daily basis & help to rebalance our electromagnetic field & promote harmony. Quantum Scalar Wave Energy & Schumann Resonance strengthen the human bio-field to restore natural balance, improve health, well-being & immunity & also protects us from EMF smog.  

When you receive your energy jewellery from Earth Jewel Creations it comes energetically activated with Quantum frequencies & the Love & Healing power of Source Energy which combine with the Crystal Energies & Positive Affirmations to promote harmony, balance & well-being in your life. Wear it as a powerful, high vibration affirmation tool to remind you to:-

Love Life, Feel Joy, Give Thanks & Enjoy Your Journey.

Love & Joy are the highest vibrational feelings we can have, so remember to Love You….you are amazing!